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Our chlorine free bio-pool allows you to fully submerge into the surroundings with a unique view to the majestic Gocta Waterfall.

Our pool is a natural ecosystem that works  with local plants that purify the water with their root systems.

A harmonious mix of several species, which creates a unique and unforgettable experience for our guests.

Your Getaway in nature

There’s nothing more rejuvenating and revitalizing than getting away from the hectic city life and spending some time in nature. Each room at Goctalab has a view of the Gran Gocta waterfall and is equipped with modern amenities, making Goctalab your home in the Amazonas. 

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interdisciplinary residency

At Goctalab we offer residencies for artists from all over the world to realize a project of their own using our vibrant, state of the art workshop stocked with a vast array of tools and equipment in ceramics, sculpture, or woodworking. Apply today to start making your dream a reality.

Experience the amazon

During your stay at GoctaLab, we are always available to facilitate trips and activities in the surrounding regions, including hikes, tours, canyoning and rafting. We also offer our own personalized cooking classes and a coffee tour of organic coffee farm.




A Culinary Exploration

Goctalab is just that, a laboratory of fresh food and ingredients. As its name suggests, is a laboratory of sustainable technologies focused on good living and regenerative culture. We are also a living seed bank and guardians of biodiversity. You’ll discover flavors here you never knew existed, but which will stay with you for life. We pride ourselves on our organic herbs, exotic fruits and vegetables, fermented and aged sauces and oils, and freshly baked breads, not to mention our signature, organic, pirqapata coffee, native to the Andean region of Peru, all of which you can learn to harvest and make during your stay. Experience the flavors of Peru and the Amazon at Goctalab, and have the culinary experience of a lifetime.

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The Future Of Sustainable Communities

At Goctalab we have spent more than a decade cultivating a natural ecosystem where plants, animals, and humans live together in harmony. Using sustainable farming practices and permaculture techniques, we have achieved a naturally regulating system full of biodiversity where the land nourishes us, and we nourish the land. Waste is used as compost to replenish the earth, which then provides us with the ingredients and materials we use in daily life. Nothing is wasted at Goctalab. Join us and be a part of the future of sustainable communities.

Visit us

Trocha Pircapata 3,
Cocachimba Amazonas

+51 929505746
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