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full board residency
arts & investigation

Apply to our creative residency and tell us about the project you want to develop.

You can apply in any discipline - Art, Architecture, Ceramics, Music, Biology, Regenerative Agriculture, Conservation, Natural Building, Permaculture, etc. The duration will depend on the complexity of the project, usually between two weeks and one month.

With an extensive experience in art & film production, we support you with local knowledge to help you develop the concept and manufacture your own work in the medium or material that you require. 

We encourage and can facilitate our artists to connect with the community, surroundings and local actors, especially if the project contributes to the well being of local population.

We offer accommodation with a view to the Gocta waterfall and access to all our resources;  Wifi, library, multimedia resources, 2 high temperature ceramic kilns and a complete manufacturing workshop.

We offer a selection of fully equipped cabains. All meals included. 

Send us an email so we can send you a budget.

Send proposal to:, or send us a message here.

Current resident

upcoming residents

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Local Involvement

Artists may also develop a workshop for kids and the local community during their residency. We encourage the idea of ​​cultural exchange. The artist can teach something, and vice versa. For example an interesting product can be developed with the ancestral knowledge of the local people, such as working with weavers and learning about natural dyes and its techniques.

We are located in the Utcubamba valley which means "cotton valley".

Housing - stone house

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