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rafting in marañon

Full On Adventure


The Marañón River is one of the most unique river journeys on the planet. Isolated riverside villages, cascading waterfalls, natural swimming holes, ancient rock art, ruins, along with flora and fauna not found anywhere else on the planet.  Our tour through the Grand Canyon of South America will leave you wanting more.

This  7 day  rafting trip in Peru offers a one-of-a kind blend of scenic river journey, cultural experience and brilliant whitewater; all which can be squeezed into a single week of vacation. The Marañón offers unparalleled fly in- fly out access from starting and finish points and a long season meaning you can travel when you want.

Contact us for upcoming departures for 2021. The season starts in May.

Kayakist and Waterkeeper Luigi Marmanillo

Luigi Marmanillo (Pe)

kayakist & waterkeeper

Kayakist and Waterkeeper Ben Webb

ben webb (AUS)

kayakist & waterkeeper

social activism

Marañon waterkeepers

A percentage of the profits go to protect the river and foster sustainable development in local communities. The waterkeepers create alternative income streams and pathways which enable people to focus on protection of this watershed.

Great job Luigi and Ben!

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