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high jungle's culinary experience


In our culinary Lab we offer different experiences of experimental and ancestral cuisine.

At GoctaLab we are committed to the revaluation of local ingredients with a personal touch, giving a unique result. ​


Everything we cook comes from our farm or local suppliers. We also grow and harvest our own organic specialty coffee and we use different types of extraction methods for tasting it.

We bake our own bread and a selection of desserts daily. We use different methods to reduce our ecological impact, such as producing our own plant-based milk and buying in bulk from local markets. ​


We also offer tasting of ferments and pickles together with a unique local pairing using our local cane liquor and the homemade macerates. ​

Contact us to tell you about the different options we have this season. ​

farm to table

our classes



Cacao Tasting

Processes, Tasting, Elaboration of tablets

In the cacao tasting experience, you'll experiment with one of the most prized fruits that we have in the Amazon: the Cacao.

We'll teach you how to extract the pulp of the fruit and then bake them in a pot made of local clay to refine the cacao for eating. We will make chocolate bars, hot chocolate, and various other chocolate goodies in the class.


Coffee Tour

Processes + Tasting + Extraction Methods

In the cafe tour at GoctaLab, you'll be able to observe and experience the the full process we use to create our delicious pirqapata coffee: high altitude coffee grown under the shade of the forest and helping to bring biodiversity to our land. We have a variety of local arabicas such as caturra, catuay, national, and catimor. At the end of the tour we will have a tasting session to feel the finished product of all the different extraction methods. An experience not to miss! 



Kids & Cooking

Book a baking class for your kids

If you want your kids to learn about the products of the land and the marvels that our beautiful forest offers, then this class is for you. 

We will collect a variety of vegetable, fruits, and tasty herbs from our farm and cook them together with our chef. 


Food of the Amazon

Typical Amazonian dishes with a local cook

In this class we will learn to make typical Amazonian dishes together with local chefs of the region. We will collect fresh produce from the farm and prepare local favorites such as juane, tamales, locros, and the sweet "chiclayo".

We will use an ancient mortar situated in the the ruins of the old Chachapoyas to ground the seeds and kneed the flour. An experiencing linking traditions of the past, with flavors of the present.


culinary investigation residency 

Here we work with the zero kilometer / slow food concept; giving priority and encouraging localized production and thus promoting food sovereignty.


We offer a space for creation and exchange where, if you are fan of cooking, alchemy, medicinal plants or agriculture, you can come to investigate the various resources of the Amazon region of northern Peru and prepare new dishes or products!


Write us and tell us what you would like to develop and stay with us for a while during your investigation. 


Send us a message.

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